Ilkka Marttiini Oy – Workshop that combines the work of designers and artisans

Ilkka Marttiini Oy manufactures and markets high quality steel products that are hand forged by artisans in the city of Rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland.

Ilkka Marttiini Oy launched its first Paja product series in 2008. The name of the Paja product series reflects the history of the company and the philosophy of the products. The planning and design of Paja products are based strongly on tradition, Finnish culture and the present time.

Village blacksmith Janne Marttiini began making blacksmith products in Lapland nearly one hundred years ago. His knives  would later achieve worldwide fame.

The blacksmith’s forge is also the heart of Ilkka Marttiini’s workshop. The sensual functional design series was born by combining the work of a designer and a blacksmith. The rough work of a blacksmith and the shiny finished surfaces of these unique objects tempt you to touch them.