The people and story behind Ilkka Marttiini


Village blacksmith Janne Marttiini began making blacksmith products in Lapland nearly one hundred years ago. His knives would later achieve worldwide fame. 

The blacksmith’s forge is also the heart of Ilkka Marttiini’s shop. The sensual functional design series was born by combining the work of a designer and blacksmith. The rough work of a blacksmith and the shiny finished surfaces of these unique objects tempt you to touch them.

Ilkka Marttiini

Ilkka Marttiini
Chairman of the Board
tel. +358 400 392 998

Jukka Setälä

designer M.A.

Jukka Setälä graduated in 1996 with a Master’s degree in art from the Aalto University School of Art and Design. Setälä’s works have been on display at the Muovi exhibition in Designmuseo in 2004, at Design Forum, at the Artificial Nature furniture exhibition in Milan in 1999 and in Retret, among other places. 

Awards and acknowledgements

2006 Best New Furniture in Europe 2006 / Readers Digest, Europe
2001 Merket for God Design
1999 Honourable mention Valo-99 / lamp design competition, Finland
1995 Coats Opti Oy, / design competition, Suomi
1994 Stala Oy, Harjavalta Oy, Naber & Co Oy, design competition, together with Ilkka Koskela / Finland
1993 Jorvas High-Tech centre, graphic expression, / Suomi

Matti Kehusmaa

Matti Kehusmaa

Metal Artesan