PAJA gift items

As a gift and for you who appreciates genuine experiences, skills that have been perfected by centuries-old traditions, and timeless modern design.

The design of the unique, hand-forged utility items of Ilkka Marttiini Oy differs from traditional blacksmith products. Simple Finnish design and functionality tailored by a blacksmith speak the same timeless language as Janne Marttiini’s northern legacy.

The controlled handprint of the designer highlights the beauty of strong, forged steel. The design of the products breathe tomorrow, but they are handcrafted with traditional methods using iron ore mined from the ground in Finland. The blacksmith personally stamps every single Ilkka Marttiini product he or she makes.

The name of the Paja Collection has Sami and Finnish origins. Three Sami languages are spoken in Finland: Northern, Inari and Skolt Sami. Sami languages are related to the Finnish language.